4 Berigte, een storie: Feit of fiksie?

Kyk net watter nonsens praat die liberale media nou al weer!

AP – Sat Dec 10,
A Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 rests in the middle of Central Ave. Saturday, Dec. 10, 2005 in Chicago. The jetliner, trying to land in heavy snow slid off the runway Thursday at Midway Airport, crashed through a boundary fence and slid out into the street, hitting one car and pinning another beneath it. A child in one of the vehicles was killed. (AP Photo/M. Spencer Green)
– What we know from this: there were only 2 cars, 1 boundary fence and only 1 child was hurt/killed.
Radio@UPEI December 9, 2005
A snowy runway caused a Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 to skid off the runway in Chicago Thursday evening. Nobody on the plane was seriously injured, but a 6-year old boy was killed as the plane skid onto the intersection of 55th Street and Central Avenue, and hit the vehicle he was traveling in.
– This one must be false because it only mentions 1 vehicle being hit (the last one had 2) and nothing about going through any fence, but we know there were fences from the first report.
AFP/Getty Images – Fri Dec 9,
Southwest Airlines jet sits on a roadway after it crashed through a security wall the evening before at Midway Airport in Chicago, Illinois. US authorities launched an investigation after the jet skidded off a Chicago airport runway and into a street where it hit two cars and killed a child

– This also must be made up because it says the plane went thru a security wall, not a boundary fence like the last one said it did? If a plane went through a brick wall it would have exploded or at least caught on fire don’t you think? Ah you are thinking a boundary/security wall what’s the difference? Well one is a fence the other a wall. This whole situation sounds like it was made up from the start.
Reuters – Fri Dec 9,
A Southwest Airlines plane bound from Baltimore, Maryland, sits on a road along Chicago’s Midway Airport December 9, 2005, after crashing through a safety barrier while trying to land during a snowstorm in Chicago on December 8, 2005. (Frank Polich/Reuters)
-This story doesn’t mention that someone was killed in this crash. Which is kinda important don’t you think? It talks about a safety barrier not a wall, it also doesn’t talk about any cars being hit. So were NO cars hit? This story totally contradicts ALL the others. What liars these Reuters guys are.

Is ek ‘n mal heks wat kyf oor die media? Nee. Die openingsin is ‘n manier om jou knoppies te druk, om aandag op “Neil” se stuk te vestig. En “Neil” is ook nie ‘n mal ou wat regtig uitvaar teen die media nie. Gaan kyk op sy blog waarom hy hierdie dinge gesê het.

2 responses to “4 Berigte, een storie: Feit of fiksie?

  1. Weet jy wat AP en Reuters is? Die wires-nuusagtentskappe en dat hulle soos nuus gebeur en inkom updates gee?
    Hulle sindikeer nuusgebeure regoor die wereld “as it happens” – daarom word nuwe feite die hele tyd bygewerk. Weet jy, jy maak jou naam krater.
    LOL@ liberale media

  2. Rosalind, jy het nie my slotsinne gelees nie, nê?

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