Het Konstantyn besluit wat in die Bybel moet wees? Hoekom is die ander geskrifte oor Jesus nie in die Bybel nie?

Lee Strobel ondervra vir sy boek, “A case for Christ” vir Craig A. Evans, ‘n hoogs gerepekteerde Bybelse skolier en geskiedkundige wat selfs ‘n paar lede van die skeptiese Jesus seminaar onder sy onderskrywers het.

Lee Strobel: What about the allegation that the reason we don’t have any competing gospels from the first century is because they were gathered and burned?

Craig A. Evans:”For crying out loud, the Christians had no control over the city. They couldn’t command or coerce anyone to burn anything. The idea that there was some sort of culling process or or purging that took place in the first century is really absurd.”

Lee Strobel:”How about the claim that we see in The da Vinci Code that Constantine collated the books of the Bible in the fourth century and burned all the alternative gospels?”

Craig A. Evans:”That’s just nonsense. The idea of Constantine telling Christians what ought to be in the Bible and gathering up gospels and burning them- that’s fictional material in Dan Brown’s book. It isn’t legitimate history written by people who know what they are talking about.”

En hoe vergelyk die 4 evangelies met die ander geskrifte oor Jesus, wat ook evangelies genoem word? Weereens is professor Evans aan die woord:

If one examines all the evidence fairly and completely, then it’s a logical conclusion that the canonical writings have an exclusive claim to being connected to the gospel. For crying out loud- the gospel of Thomas doesn’t! And would anyone claim that the so-called gospel of Peter- found in the coffin of a monk in the ninth century – has any connection with Peter? Come on!

If you had ten documents and you arbitrarily selected four of them and said only they have a connection with the apostels, and you didn’t have any reason for saying that – then that would be prejudice, I agree. But if you go through all ten and then discover that you actually do have credible historical evidence for four of them as having some kind of apostolic connection and the others not a chance- then it’s not a dogmatic, prejudicial assertion. It’s a reasonalble and considered conclusion., based on the evidence.

…Matthew, Mark, Luke and John were earlier than all these other gospels, and they have credible connections with the first generation,apostolic, eyewitness sources. The only way to deny that is to say well, I don’t care what the evidence says, I will instead rely on my own intuition and guesswork and preference. Now, I call that dogmatic and prejudiced!

Kortom, 4 evangelies word vertrou,oor 4 evangelies betroubaar is.

One response to “Het Konstantyn besluit wat in die Bybel moet wees? Hoekom is die ander geskrifte oor Jesus nie in die Bybel nie?

  1. God het besluit en Konstantyn was maar net die instrument.

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