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Ogies toedruk gaan dit nie laat weggaan nie

Party mense vra hoe ‘n liefdevolle God iemand kan laat hel toe gaan, en reken God en hel is onversoenbaar. In ‘n debat daaroor sê William Lane Craig:

Finally, let me just close by saying this. It seems to me that this problem of the doctrine of hell isn’t really for most people an intellectual problem at all… And I think that this is easily proven. How many people do you know who reject God or Christianity because of the question: “How could an all-holy and just God send people to heaven?” As a purely intellectual problem that is every bit as difficult as how an all-loving God could send people to hell. But how many people reject God or Christ because they just can’t figure out how an all-holy, all-just God could permit people to go to heaven? Nobody, right? I think this shows that the problem is primarily emotional, not intellectual. People just don’t like the idea of a God who might send them to hell, and so they choose not to believe in Him. But that kind of attitude is just suicidal. Imagine you’re standing in the middle of the street, and suddenly a friend on the curb says, “Look out! Here comes a car!” Now what do you do? Do you stand there and close your eyes real tight and say, “anybody who would run over me can’t be a very nice person! If I don’t believe in him, then it won’t affect me! I just won’t believe that he exists!” And then it is too late. A lot of people look at God that way. They think that just because they don’t like the idea of God sending them to hell, if they close their eyes real tight and pretend that He doesn’t exist, then it doesn’t affect them. And that kind of attitude is just fatal.